One of My Pride

Now i’m a student in a private university in Batam. Just called it UIB, Universitas Internasional Batam (as i know university’s name better if do not change to english, just same as it origins name). An International based campus with Thionghoa ethnic majority. There are two words must be emphasized here, international and thionghoa. how could this private university too brave to mark them self as international based campus?  Let me explain here.

The 1st i wanna explain, international is UIB vision since it established, and know the meaning of international itself could viewed by UIB relation to International University and International activity, as you can see at its own website , it has many International Programs across South East Asia, China, and coming soon Japan. It also has International Students, International Buddies, and Official Testing Centre for TOEIC and TOEFL-ITP. you can get more information by visiting its website. Then the 2nd one, most of UIB students are Thionghoa ethnic people. One of the reason is, this private university is organized under famous Thionghoa Foundation named Yayasan Marga Thionghoa Indonesia, so the chinese ethnic more trusting to this campus than the others in Batam. If we take it to percentage, about 70%-75% students is thionghoa, and the rest is indigenous people.

Although Thionghoa ethnic is majority there, but there’s no problem about diversity. The students have mutual respect each other. Even with diversity religion, they can still exist in each religious activity. There are UKM Buddha that organized religious activities for Buddhist student, Crown of Glory (COG) that organized religious activities for Christiany student, and Muslim Society (MUSISY)  that organized religious activities for Moeslem student. Even Moeslem is the most minority there, but we have still exist and grows over time 🙂

overall, i love this campus, and i proud of be the part of this internationality!

movin' to Internationality


Thx for reading, see a 🙂


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