I am Endah Riwayatun

this is me

Who am i?

I Am No 3!

wooops. that’s not mean that i have relation with Alex Pettyfer in film I Am Number 4. but it’s mean that i’m a 3rd child of my family.

My name’s Endah Riwayatun. Most call me Endah, but some call me eway, or Jennifer, even Stacy (my crazy college mates call my western name). But i won’t let you know my freak nickname a**n (my crazy friends since elementary school call me it).

*crazy mates or friends mean that they’re too close to me so they create new nickname for me, don’t care about my permission to call me with that

wanna know more information about me? just follow my twitter @endahriwayatun or see my facebook account Endah Riwayatun or follow my scribd account at Endah Riwayatun , check out my 4shared, also follow this blog!

Thx for reading. see a 🙂

PP fb PP Sekupang-20121015-00158 t001 t003 t007

*here  my pics to refresh ur eyes 😀 (GUBRAKK)


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