Blue Ticketed Form is Not Availabe Yet in Batam

Blue Ticketed Form is Not Availabe Yet in Batamblue form is not available 001

(Form Tilang Biru Belum Berlaku di Batam)

This was really happened to me and my friend (called tuty) at last Saturday night, March 23th 2013. Sorry for posted it late, because i had no sparetime since that time. Wanna know more? Let’s check this out! *contain important information u should know

Satnite is a nite that waited by everyone, especially for whose have girlfriend/boyfriend. But unlike the usual, i spent my satnite with many friends in an event, that was D’Briefing of Youth Exchange by PCMI. We finished that meeting about 8.30 pm, and as usual i prepared my motorbike to going home. But there was a challenge, i was going home with tuty and just had one helmet. Based on youth bad principle “They made the rules, let’s brake the rules”, we just go ahead and passed meters by meters from Carnaval Mall Food Street Batam Centre to reached our home in Batu Aji. All things were okay ‘till we reached traffic light Simpang Kabil. We got the red one, so i used my driving skill (aseeeek) to hiding ourself from the police’s sight that may looked us from their office. We hoped that the polices were busy with their satnite by watching football competition between Indonesia-Saudi Arabian, if i was not mistaken.

                GREEN traffic light was our chance to went away from that bad gambling (feels like gambled our life & dead). 50 meters left and bruuumm.. there was a uniformed man with his black Yamaha V-ixion smile to us and said, “Excuse me miss, would you like to stop your bike now?”. I believed you knew who is that, right? I felt like looking an angel-from-hell and lost my 99% energy suddenly. I still have my 1% energy and said “I knew my fault, i wanna the blue ticketed form (form tilang warna biru) sir, just give me it” (*as i red at internet that red form used if we don’t accept our fault that writed by police in that form and take that problem to Stated Court, but the blue one is mean that we approve the police’s statement about our fault and agree to pay the amercement and transfer it to our country’s bank account. It could avoid the naked police that wanna get private earning, so as the good citizen i prefer to give my money to indonesia’s account to the police’s private wallet.)’

                At the police office, i implemented my debate skill in reality. My nature is nasionalism, don’t like the unfairness, debateable, and never stop trying to won it, without caring who is my debate rival. A police among 3 of them told us that blue form are not available to use in Batam yet. WHY?? Because they not have MoU yet with Bank Rakyat Indonesia Batam that useful to open country bank account in Batam area. If you were us, did you believed what them said? Of course we didn’t! The things we did next were looking for trusted information about availability of blue form in Batam. We had two plans to passed this unlucky force majeur (GUBRAK!), they were :

  • Plan A : if the information about blue form that told by police was FALSE, we would attack them with actual info from trusted source, and free from that problem in right way.
  • Plan B : if the information about blue form that told by police was TRUE, we would need help from our relation that may made us free from that problem.  (implement Easy Way for Everything)

Plan A and plan B seemed like White and Black way, Brightness and Darkness life. Did you know how i got trusted info about blue form? I sent a short-message (sms) to Mr. B***y, he is ex the most govern police at Kepri Province at last period, but know he is a chief at an organization in province level that work for citizen safe. How kind he was, in the busy of satnite, he responded my message at 10 pm and gave actual info that Blue Ticketed Form is not available yet in Batam cause of the cooperation with the Bank Rakyat Indonesia as the perception bank is not clear yet. WE GOT PANIC! As fast as posible our finger were busy to looked for help from everyone that potential to gave us help, start from calling my boyfriend, our teacher’s husband on high school, our bestfriends, our friend that has boyfriend that work as police, and many more that has high level title in constabulary. I felt we had so many obstacles to getting help.

For about 1 hour 30 minutes, we just waited the help nervously. We looked like stone-head that stay sat in front of the office while there were more than 20 people minute-to-minute alternately entering the office and finished their problem by paying. Finally at 11.30 pm we got the help from our kind friend, who let his brother to made us FREE without paying or something. How happy i was….! i hug tuty and we didn’t wasted time anymore to went home. My happiness that night was so great, because i didn’t know what will happened to us. Just for information, there were just Rp 7000 money in my wallet that night . haha. So i shouted in indonesian language “AKU SENANG RIANG GEMBIRA BUKAN KEPALANG!”

 By the way, i already attached an image about the ticket handling mechanism that i got from this site . i hope that may help you to understand.

That’s all, thx for reading.

See a 🙂


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