Chinese Bridge and Oriental Culture Festival KEPRI 2013


At glance, pic above looks like a preview of university in Shanghai . isn’t it? That pic took when there was a chinese festival, but in Indonesia, not in China.hahaaa. .

That event named Chinese Bridge and Oriental Culture Festival KEPRI 2013. In Kepri, this event was held by UIB, Universitas Internasional Batam in the early May 2013. But also there’s the national level of this festival held in Surabaya about this week. To know deeper about this festival, just check this link out.  Why do i post this ? because i performed in the opening event with my choir group Voice of UIB(VoU), sang a song “Batamku” created by Mr. K. H. Ahmad Dahlan in front of Vice Governor of Kepri Dr. H.M. Soerya Respationo SH., MH

it was tough that i have no picture when we performed at there, but here i attached u with several image that reflected the situation and condition at that time.

uib002 uib004uib007


chinese bridge festival

u should know who’s girl with the mask above, right? yeahh that’s me. Just compare with my pic without mask, is it look weird? haha…

thanks for visiting my blog, and see aa 🙂


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