My beloved sister


Aqila Amanda Putri, a little girl aged 3 years that always spend my holiday time much 😀 . She is my little sister. why do i call her sister? because everytime we meet, she call me “kak endah” haha..

actually, she’s not my sibling, she’s my aunt’s daughter. But i love her just like she’s my sibling.  Let’s see our pic! (my theme is keep narcissist, and her theme is Radar Neptunus)


How? is our face look similar ? ahaa, we’ve a lot of similarity. She’s cute like me, sweet like me, attractive like me, and totally OVER-ACTIVE like me! 😀 my mom said that when i was a child, my behaviour was just same as, even naughtier than this girl. Play with friends from the sunrise ’till the sunset (*lebay) , make home messy and many more. One big different between us is she could eat for 5 times daily, but i really hard to told to eat, since i was a child ’till now. 😀

overall, just that thing i wanna share today. thanks for visiting my blog, keep follow, and see a 🙂


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