The Good Women are for the Good Men

Assalamu’Allaikum Wr. Wb.

Good evening everyone, in this last 20 minutes of my work, let me write what thing already dancing in my mind since a couple of days ago.

“Good women are for the good men” Do you believe that wiswom word? i suggest you to believe in, cause i hold that principle so tight. When you have a relationship with someone, you may have a wish to marry him/her in future. But if the fact is not going as your will, how we should treat?

Should i crying along the week, or take a knife to cut my artery? Those are totally fool! The simple thing we should know deeply is “Allah has the best one for you, what you need to do is be the BEST of your self, then Allah will lead you to meet him/her”

If i’m in love with a man,  then he loves me so bad, we spent our years together, but the fact is we have to break this relationship. I WILL ACCEPT THAT. This is not because i want to be the other man’s couple. But just because I BELIEVE IN GOD.

I believe God’s promise, that a good women are for the good men. As he mention in Surah 24 – An Nur Ayah 26 as below:


That’s all my topic of today’s sharing, i wish it could bring the advantage for you readers. Thank you.

Wassalamu’Allaikum wr.wb





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